Innovative Tradeshow Exhibit wins BIG at NABSHOW

Innovative Tradeshow Exhibit wins BIG at NABSHOW

Innovative Tradeshow Exhibit wins BIG at NABSHOW


 “This is our first time winning an extensive award at such a huge show with an overabundance of vendors. The feeling is unbelievable, we’re still on cloud 9.”
-Eric Diedrichsen


Volume 11 Marketing


This week Globecomm wins Best of Show—Booth Design at NAB Show featuring custom designs from Volume 11 Marketing and Makitso® USA. Read as Eric Diedrichsen's, President of Volume 11, describes his first big win at a prestigious event.

NAB Show

Globecomm was the receiver of the New Bay’s NAB Show Best of Show Award for Booth Design at the 2018 NAB Show, the media, entertainment and technology industry’s foremost event located at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.   

Makitso® USA partnered with Volume 11 Marketing to create a custom, state-of-the-art display.  This innovative 20x20 exhibit stood tall on the million-square-foot NAB exhibition floor. As spectators approach the booth, there’s a 10’ wide curved LED panel perched behind the reception counter highlighting the company’s product and abilities, two product specific demo stations running informative videos at adjacent corners, and 2 large screen 4k tv’s at the remaining corners giving aisle traffic information from every angle. Makitso ® USA supplemented the booth with a captivating WaveLine® Blimp hanging graphic complemented with 3 attention grabbing custom-made circular elements.

Custom Creations

“Our objective was to create a tailor-made structure that would highlight Globecomm’s visual representation goals,” says Martin Altmann, Sales Manager for Makitso® USA and BrandStand® International. “The design focuses on broadcast simulation, and the end results really came to fruition through the great partnership with Volume 11.”  

Along with concept design and two meeting areas, Volume 11 added an amazing “broadcast simulation” using motion lighting set inside the 16’ tower panels. A remarkable visual representation of engineering-driven, global connectivity that dominating leader Globecomm is recognized for throughout the industry.

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Winning BIG

“This has been one the happiest moments since I started my company,” says Erik Diedrichsen. “This has inherently rekindled a sense of enthusiasm for us that wouldn’t have been possible without the team at Makitso ® USA.”


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