Makitso® Blade 4K Digital Kiosk Displays

Makitso® Blade 4K Digital Kiosk Displays

Makitso® Blade 4K Digital Kiosk Displays

–TradeShow and Retail Applications

The Makitso® Blade Digital Kiosk creates a lasting impression in the mind of your audience through personal interactive experiences. With 4K UHD Color-Vibrant Screen with optional 10pt Capacitive Touch(USB), the Makitso® Blade can have Black or White Powder Coated Finish with optional printed glass cover pane.

Get into Gear with the Makitso® Blade

Whether you're planning an engaging new display for an exhibition, registering visitors for an interactive product launch, or collecting signatures to save the planet, you'll need a kiosk that works for any occasion. We've selected our favorite accessories to help take the Makitso® Blade Digital Kiosk and your events to the next level.


  1. Side Bars and Banner Prints
  2. Header Blank or Printed 

  3. Brochure Holder
  4. Circular Side Shelf 

  5. Long Shelves with Optional Add-On USB Charging Ports 
  6. Lithium-Ion Battery and Wheel Dolly
    Perfect for Trade Shows and Events. See our complete  Makitso® Blade Kiosk Collection → 

    Add-On Accessories:

    • Wheel Dolly (not stocked)
    • Lithium-Ion Battery (not-stocked)
    • Triangular Shelf
    • Circular Shelf
    • Long Rectangular Shelf with Optional Lightening/Micro USB Charging Cables
    • Brochure Holder
    • 12" Side Bars for Banner Graphics (2)
    • Plexl Header, Black or White, with optional printed graphic