BrandStand® UK's 10 Tradeshow Essentials

BrandStand® UK's 10 Tradeshow Essentials

BrandStand® UK's 10 Tradeshow Essentials

There’s nothing worse than showing up for a tradeshow and realizing you forgot something important for your booth.  This is a list of BrandStand® UK's essential items that are possible lifesavers while others will make your clients and your experience just a little more enjoyable.

Tradeshow & Exhibit Essentials-12

1. Business Cards - Pack five times as much as you think you’ll need, as well as some blank ones with company information in case anyone runs out; hand your contact information to as many qualified leads as you can.

2. Pens - Bring a surplus of pens, people come by and take them, and you’ll constantly be using them to keep notes on attendees.

3. Giveaway Drawing - Draw leads to your booth with thoughtful giveaways that people will remember. Capture guests’ contact information before giving away freebies to increase your lead database.

4. Cord Set - Chances are there will be few outlets and many booths, don’t get caught without options for plugging in. Condense your extension cords, cord keepers, surge protectors, and chargers in the same bag for better cord management.

5. Cleaning Supplies - Glass cleaner, paper towels, and cleaning wipes will keep your tablets fingerprint free and keep your booth in tip top shape.

6. Tool Kit - The basics for fixing, tightening and opening everything from the booth to packing up. Include a small blade and scissors for opening boxes, tape for adjustmentsand sharpies for making last minute signs and labeling.

7. Hand Sanitizer - Stay germ free with hand sanitizer while maintaining smooth, soft hands; you’ll be shaking a lot of hands that day, let’s make sure they’re clean.

8. Water & Snacks - Maintain high energy by keeping your staff well-hydrated and nourished. Stash fruit and snacks because your booth may be so popular that you don’t get a chance to break for lunch!

9. Breath Mints - Talking to someone with a glob of gum in their mouth is very off-putting, freshen up with a quick mint and a smile.

10. Comfortable Shoes - Protect the feet at all costs! You will be standing for hours on end and those are the only thing separating you from a concrete floor.