BrandStand® Express Stand


BrandStand® Express Banner Stand 
Single-sided Banner Stand

The BrandStand® Express banner stand is an easy-to-assemble is a roll up banner supported by a single pole. Sets up in a minute! The compact footprint saves floorspace and fits into corners perfectly. Full color dye sublimation printed graphics. 

  • (1) Hardware: Pole, Foot & Set of 2 Profiles
  • (1) Dye-sublimation Graphic Print 
    • Single-sided
  • (1) Protective Tube inside Nylon Carry Bag


  • Available Sizes Large:
    600mm W x 2270mm H (23.6”W x 89”H)
    800mm W x 2270mm H (31.5”W x 89”H)
    1000mm W x 2270mm H (39.4”W x 89”H)
  • Available Sizes Mini:
    600mm W x 1330mm H (23.6”W x 52”H)
    800mm W x 1330mm H (31.5”W x 52”H)
    1000mm W x 1330mm H (39.4”W x 52”H)
  • Hardware Finish: Aluminum

Artwork Templates

  • Artwork Templates:
    • ExpressStand 23.6"x52" (600x1330mm h) - EXPS-G-60060M
    • ExpressStand 23.6"x89.5" (600x2270mm h) - EXPS-G-60060
    • ExpressStand 31.5"x52" (800x1330mm h) - EXPS-G-60080M
    • ExpressStand 31.5"x89.5" (800x2270mm h) - EXPS-G-60080
    • ExpressStand 39.4"x52" (1000x1330mm h) - EXPS-G-60100M
    • ExpressStand 38.4"x89.5" (1000x2270mm h) - EXPS-G-60100
  • Artwork Guidelines: View