Makitso Blade FAQ

  1. How thick is the unit excluding the base?
  2. What is the depth of the back compartment where a 3rd party device can be installed?
  3. Can I install a 3rd party device in the back of the unit without any cords coming out?
  4. What are the recommended operating systems?
  5. Is it a touch screen built into the monitor or is it an overlay with additional hardware?
  6. What is the warranty?
  7. What is the repair process? What will be the customer’s out of pocket cost?
  8. Is the optional header panel lit?
  9. What is your turnaround time for custom units or units out of stock?
  10. Can unit be used outdoors?
  11. Can I rotate the screen or change resolution?
  1.  1.75” thick.
  2. Inner panel depth is 1.25” but the cover can flex slightly and can fit ~1.5”. We have extended back panels as an option that increase the depth to 1.75” with a locking compartment door.
  3. Yes! As long as the power adapter is not too big to fit in the back compartment of the Blade. Typically, the only cord that would need to run out of the unit is the power cord for the 3rd party device, but there is a power out outlet built into our Power board. You can use this outlet to run your 3rd party device and keep all cables tucked away nice and neat in the back compartment.
  4. Recommended Operating systems are Windows, Chrome OS, Android or Linux. Not currently recommended for use with: Mac/OSX
  5. Capacitive touch mesh is built into the glass. Just like smart phones, there is no additional hardware. Units either come with or without the touch option. (*Note: It is not possible to add the touch option to a unit that does not have it to begin with.)
  6. 1 Year Warranty on electronic components. 3 Year Warranty on housing frame.
  7. Call first for troubleshooting. If physical repair or replacement of parts needs to be done, then the RMA process will be used for return shipping. If the issue is covered under warranty, then we will repair or replace parts and ship it back for free. If the issue is not covered under warranty, then the customer is responsible for the costs of parts, repair and return shipping.
  8. No. The header is a clear plexiglass. Graphics can be ordered, printed and attached with adhesive by us or the end user can vinyl wrap the blank header after purchase.
  9. Our typical turnaround time for custom/built to order units or for any units that are currently out of stock is 10-12 weeks minimum.
  10. No. all digital items are rated for indoor use only.
  11. There is no rotation or resolution setting at the hardware level for our screen. If using our Android Interface, then rotation can be set through an app. If using our PRO Interface, then rotation will need to be set through your 3rd party device. Our screens will display resolutions up to 4k(UHD) at 9:16 aspect ratio. Any change to the output resolution is determined by the signal sent by the device.
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