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Upload Art & Send Us The Link

If your files are too large to upload through e-mail (10MB) there are a few other ways to upload your files. One being through weTransfer.com (2GB). Please name your files in the below format so that we can be certain your artwork is for your order/products.


After saving your files in the correct format it is recommended to compress the files but not mandatory. Visit weTransfer.com and use the “+ Add Yout Files” link to upload all of your artwork files. Be sure to select the “Link” option as opposed to “e-mail”. You will find this toggle switch to the left of the transfer button. When your upload is complete you will receive a link that can be emailed to us.

Alternative Options

Upload Art & Send Us The Link

Artwork files under the size of 10MB can be e-mailed to graphics@.com. Please name your files in the format below:


Please use the format below for the e-mails subject line:

Company Name – Order Number