WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Box Display Walls

WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Box Display Walls


Breathe new light into your brand, exhibit, event or retail shop with the WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Box Displays. This pioneering new SEG tension fabric light box is designed to make backlit graphics more portable, modular and customizable. Our 360º illumination technology provides more visibility for your brand and more places to present your ideas. We have also color coded the frames which provide our users the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble the display without tools ––or breaking a sweat.

WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Boxes

WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Box Display will be launching in five sizes.  Whether you are looking to stand out and make a statement with our 20FT bright LED light box; or looking for something smaller like our 4FT size option for a more intimate and personal display. Regardless, the WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Box display providing users with versatility.

ExhibitorLive 2019

Launching on Feb 24th at ExhibitorLive 2019
Release date set for March 28th.



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Features & Add-ons

CA700-Portable Light Box  Packs into a hard case that fits in the back of your car.

Portable Light Box

Packs into a hard case that fits in the back of your car for easy transport.

Color-coded Frame

Makes it quick and easy to assemble your light box display.

WaveLight Casonara SEG Light Counter Color Coded Frame

Silicone Edge Graphics

Create a flat fabric graphic every time with SEG –thin silicone beading sewn around the edge of the fabric that fits neatly into the edge of the frame.

Two-sided Light Arrays

360º illumination technology floods the inside of the light box to provide better visibility.


WaveLight® Casonara Counter

Add-on a WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Counter for a fully lit trade show display.

Mix & Match 

Combine the WaveLight® Casonara Light Box with our wide range of WaveLine® Media products to create your own custom environment with monitors, brochure holders, and counters.






 Perfect for Trade Shows and Events.
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