Standing Out from the Crowd

Standing Out from the Crowd

Standing Out from the Crowd

BrandStand® UK has revealed that it will be launching a new series of trade show technologies at SignLink Live, which it promises will "wow" and "amaze" visitors to it's stand (L18).

Alexander Brice, sales manager at BrandStand® UK, continues, "I am confident in saying we are a world leader when it comes to the development of tension fabric display systems. Innovating lightweight aluminum display products overlaid with dye-sublimation printing has been the backbone of what we have done for more than 20 years. Another key is that this is a relationship business, and we retain our customers because they like us."

The last five years especially has seen BrandStand® International, which was founded in Australia before branching out across the world, ramp up its research and development programmes to produce to produce even more interesting, unique and innovative designs.

One of the key product launches at SignLink Live will be the new WaveLight® LED Backlit Displays, which combines formulated and fabricated LED lighting sheets that emit a smooth even light from within the system to give an ultra-bright glow to the outer dye-sublimation printed graphics.

A key strength of BrandStand® International is it expertise and knowledge in engineering. All development, manufacturing and the specially designed printing process of the display stands are done in-house to provide a high standard of quality control and customer satisfaction to it's network of global distributors.

"We really do pride ourselves the quality of our products, and we are one of the only trade suppliers in this sector that can 100 percent protect and control that quality consistently," says Brice, who adds, "Another important advantage that we have is our research and development capabilities. A good example is our new double-sided BlockOut fabric graphics that we will be showcasing at the show. Constructed from one piece of fabric with a block out material woven in, means the finished graphics will have no bleed or stitching. It looks incredible!"

The BlockOut graphics and WaveLight® Display System has already been soft launched through BrandStand® AU and Makitso Displays USA, receiving high-acclaim from it's customers, and SignLink Live will be the first time it will have been displayed and showcased in Europe.